Black Washed Wall


This month I really want to focus the spotlight on the  amazingly talented artist, Stephanie Tetu.

Stephanie Tetu

I was fortunate to discover her work and was blessed with a client that fell in love with it.  What I love about Stephanie’s work Is that you just leave it alone!  Let it speak.  Give it a blank wall to express itself.  I was given that opportunity with my beautiful clients Sharon and Bill.  Their beach side home had a very vacant wall that craved this art.  Softness, femininity and the colour palette that I then introduced to the space just said ‘Please sit down’.

The sunlight’s reflection on the install day couldn’t give me the photo op I was looking for, but I’m putting up anyway along with Steph’s bio and the close ups of her work as Covid 19 restrictions set-in preventing another photo op. 

I’m so grateful for the opportunity of finding one of the most beautiful clients I have ever met and of course… artist that I now adore!

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