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When we tackle colour in design, it should reflect the lifestyle of the home that it is going into.

Colour choice of the space needs to bring character, life, and its own individuality. White paint is not just white paint! There is often an underestimated and undervalued science behind the psychology of colour. The feeling we want to evoke is the primary basis of the decision making process.

What is the emotional state of the colour choices in your home?

We need colours in our home to provoke the mood - to calm, to energise or even, to motivate. Have you ever been dazzled by a crystal’s beautifully coloured shards when hanging in the sunlight? Because light is the source of all colour.

I learnt an interesting fact from my last colour workshop that I would like to share if you are considering an exterior colour facelift:

“Light reflects off a driveway and onto a house in full sunlight ....Where does the sun fall on the building? ....Be careful of your roof and driveway colour choices”.

Which prompts us to consider the ‘Temperature’ of a colour scheme. A darker roof colour attracts more heat; a darker ceiling colour may make a room feel smaller.

Find the right colour palette, and you will find the right harmony.

Seek help if you are unsure and doing DIY. The guys at Inspirations paint, Porters Paints, Heymes to name a few, are often more than willing to help you.

In closing, often a simple colour palette is a winner. Let the styling and furniture selections be the focal-points, but let colour be the catalyst.

Until next time!

In design,

Rae xx

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