Black Washed Wall


Hi everyone! I believe two critical choices are worth investing in regarding furniture selections within our homes - the sofa and the master bed, although choose well for longevity and functionality.

When choosing a sofa we need to consider the following:

  • Height - How high off the ground do you need it?

  • The Feet - Do you prefer a ‘Floating look’, where the feet are recessed?

  • The Material - A Scandi feel featuring signature timber?

The list goes on and on; sofas are a defining piece within our homes. When it comes to budget, there are also defining factors to consider:

  • The frame (solid side panels, extra reinforcements);

  • The webbing configuration (its strength and durability);

  • Seat height and depth (the comfort factor);

  • Stitching (durability - super important), and;

  • Seat foam or feather density.

Location is another consideration. If you choose an outdoor sofa, it’s wise to inspect one that uses ‘Reticulated foam’ fillings. It’s a quick-dry and quick drain option giving the main benefit of anti-mould. These seat cushions are often firmer but can soften over time, but the product has far greater longevity.

Also remember, that it’s not unusual for furniture to have a one-year warranty these days. When it comes to more high-end purchases, I always look for a product with a longer warranty or request to pay for an extended one for peace of mind.

Do you prefer an electric recliner option? A quick hack here - always ask for the warranty on the electrical elements. They are often longer than the warranty of the sofa itself.

So lie down, relax and enjoy the simplicity of switching on or switching off and nodding off with the reassurance that you researched your major purchase first.

An educated buyer always comes out on top!

Until next time…

In design,

Rae xx