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Everything Old is New Again

Here I want to introduce you to the beauty of re-upholstering and how it can transform a space. Just because something looks like it has 'had its day', doesn't mean it can't be salvaged.

On a recent project, a client loved how comfortable her existing dining room chairs were, but they were dated. As she was investing more in the project artwork, she did not want to go to the expense of replacing them. As a result, I changed-up the fabric, removed the bullnoses and the skirts, as well as spruced-up the legs.

In this instance, I chose an elegant coastal fabric from Warwick Collection that complimented the colours of her kitchen and the blue waters of the stunning view of Lennox Head. We also decided on a commercially graded fabric for her window seat that bathes in full eastern sunlight.

If you do decide to go with a striped fabric, make sure your designer or your upholsterer pays particular detail to match the lines up correctly so that the "run" is seamless and sleek. You will also see that replacing the existing rug was essential to open the space and to keep it neutral to showcase the chairs.

Shortly after this COVID-19 came for a visit and other finishing pieces were put on hold for a while. That said, I am pleased to announce the client is delighted with the work to-date.

In short, don't be afraid to ask your designer to give you some ideas on utilising your existing furniture that may no longer be acting like your best friend! Remember, not all fabrics cost a fortune, and a little vision goes a long way.

Have a dynamic week!

In design,

Rae x

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