Black Washed Wall

My Ethos


Frustration can result from struggling to visualise or conceptualise a space. It can be a disaster when unsuitable or unnecessary items are purchased, or the wrong colour schemes are chosen. I believe that colour is so important for the soul.

Experienced guidance through the design process is an integral part of any project's success. Helping a client to visualise their project by listening and bringing forward ideas that meet THEIR needs leads to a successful and respectful design relationship.
Throw in patience, logic, knowledge, a smile, and we are on our way!

The best advice given to me came from my fabulous lecturer who said, "Ok, now do up a design board on the style you really love and do it well. Upon completion, throw it in the bin! That way, you will realise your styles are not always your clients."

I am genuinely passionate about my profession as it gives me so much joy and satisfaction to see the results. There is nothing like seeing clients truly happy and saying "Yep, love it!" It is music to my ears.

What is the bottom line? Effort equals reward, and I cannot wait to meet you!