Black Washed Wall

About The Designer

Rae (Rachel-Sarrae) Anning has been passionate about style her whole life. Her eyes are like radars that can walk into a showroom, point, and say "That, that and that, Done!".


Mum to two dynamic young men, Rae certainly knows how to manage time well and never wastes a client's either.  She is a go-getter with elegance and a very positive attitude. 


With a preference for a more organic, fitness-based lifestyle, she has a  keen interest in sustainable and clean, crisp, coastal vibes. Very much an open communicator, Rae will spend quality time, really following your vision and keeping within budgeted guidelines. Her view is that clients are no fools and their projects are a vibrant part of her life from start to completion. 

Proudly supporting ...


Breast Cancer Foundation